Hundreds of millions of people around the world grapple with mobility impairments. A mobility impairment can affect a person’s ability to go about their daily life. People with mobility impairments often become dependent on their caregivers and tend to have low self-esteem.


Many people with mobility impairments avoid social events. This lack of social interactions damages mental health and can lead to mental disorders such as anxiety and depression as well as general loneliness. No wonder millions of people with mobility impairments around the world report a lower quality of life. 


Caring for a person with a mobility impairment is challenging. Oftentimes, caregivers sacrifice their own health and well-being while caring for their patients. This can lead to stress buildup and ultimately caregiver burnout. 


Mobility devices are a blessing for both users and their caregivers. They allow people with mobility impairments to lead an independent life. They can help reduce caregiver burden, allowing caregivers to focus on their physical and mental health. 


Mobility devices are making a difference in the lives of millions of people with mobility impairments around the world. A mobility device helps the user perform everyday tasks with confidence. Many mobility devices are designed to help people with mobility impairments lead an active lifestyle. 


iWalk is a leading manufacturer of mobility devices. The iWalk crutch, iWalk’s proprietary product, is a superior alternative to traditional crutches. Its revolutionary design addresses the shortcomings of regular crutches, allowing users to perform several everyday tasks such as exercising, walking their dog, and going up or down stairs.


Traditional crutches hurt wrists, hands, and underarms. They provide little assistance with everyday tasks as users cannot use their arms and hands. The iWalk addresses this problem. Its unique design allows the user to operate the mobility device without their hands. Their hands remain free and they can use them to pick or hold objects.  


Like Mobility Masters, iWalk is committed to quality. Every iWalk crutch undergoes grueling quality tests before leaving the manufacturer’s facility. Designed by industry experts, these quality tests detect even the minutest product defects. 


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