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Prairie View

Wheelchairs help people with mobility impairments keep their independence. These days wheelchairs are manufactured to have a small turning radius and are able to navigate tight spaces without needing to be pushed. Wheelchairs are typically unable to travel over uneven surfaces safely. Many wheelchair users fall and sustain injuries while trying to navigate an uneven surface on their wheelchairs. 


Wheelchair ramps are designed to address this problem. A wheelchair ramp is an inclined surface that allows wheelchair users to easily and safely access different parts of the property and navigate between areas of different heights. 


Wheelchair ramps can be installed both inside and outside homes, businesses, or other properties. In some situations, they can be a suitable alternative to a stairlift for wheelchair users. There are a wide variety of types of wheelchair ramps. When buying a wheelchair ramp, some of the most important things to consider are its capacity and construction. 


Prairie View is a renowned manufacturer of wheelchair and mobility scooter ramps for improved home access. They are on a mission to make buildings and homes more accessible for people with mobility impairments. 


Ramps by Prairie View are designed to work in extreme conditions and are tested at 3 times the recommended safety factor before leaving the manufacturer’s facility. Prairie View ramps are available in a range of sizes. Whether you have a lightweight or heavy-duty wheelchair, you will find the right Prairie View ramp for your mobility device. 


Prairie View ramps have handrails for enhanced support and stability alongside their non-slip metal surfaces which help users feel safe. Prairie View ramps are very easy to set up. Thanks to their durable welded construction, Prairie View ramps last years with proper care and maintenance. 


Every Prairie View ramp comes with a safety DVD and steel security pins for enhanced safety. They are designed to accommodate wheelchairs and scooters with different wheel configurations. The pins allow users to separate their ramps into two pieces for ease of transportation and adjustment. These pins can be rotated to either lock or unlock ramp sides together without extra tools. 


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