Mobility devices are transforming millions of lives around the world. Mobility devices can help people with mobility issues maintain their independence. Many mobility chairs are designed to help users lead an active lifestyle and partake in activities they enjoy the most. Studies have linked an active lifestyle to higher quality of life. 


Merits needs no introduction as one of the most renowned manufacturers of mobility devices, including power and manual wheelchairs. Merits also manufactures mobility device accessories including canopies, scooter covers, cane holders, frame holders, and foldable rear baskets. 


Mobility Masters has a range of mobility devices by Merits. Whether you are looking for a mobility scooter or accessories that can enhance the functionality of your mobility device, we will have the right Merits product for you. 


Much like us, Merits is on a mission to touch as many lives as possible. Today, mobility devices created by Merits are helping people with mobility impairments lead happy, fulfilling lives. Merits products are incredibly easy to use, long-lasting, durable, and cost-effective.


The success of Merits can be attributed to its uncompromising commitment to quality. Merits uses innovative technologies to prevent quality defects. Developed by industry experts, its quality control process is designed to detect and evaluate even the smallest of defects. Every Merits product undergoes rigorous testing. 


Merits consistently provides products that meet customer expectations and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements give the manufacturer a competitive edge over other players. 


Merits uses quality materials that stand the test of time. Product developers at Merits have years of experience designing mobility aids. They have acquired an in-depth understanding of the everyday challenges people with mobility impairments face, along with their expectations and concerns. 


Merits’ stance is uncompromising on safety. Every Merits mobility scooter comes loaded with a range of safety features. Mobility scooters by Merits also come with other useful features including height and width adjustable armrests designed to make every ride as comfortable as possible by preventing fatigue. Their suspension systems are designed to deliver a smooth and quiet ride. 


If you want to discuss your specific needs, call our store at (800) 936-7006. We have years of experience helping people navigate their life’s journey and aligning them with the best fit mobility aid.