Tips for Charging Mobility Batteries and Equipment

Tips for Charging Mobility Batteries and Equipment

Posted by Susan T. on Mar 12th 2021

Understanding how your mobility aid and its corresponding battery work is import as you can meaningfully increase its lifespan with the right habits. Make sure your device has received a full charge every time. Charge your batteries correctly to save money and extend their lifespan.

Most mobility equipment utilizes a 24DC volt system consisting of two 12-volt batteries. They are charged at 2-5 amps. They usually utilize onboard chargers or XLR type chargers. When selecting a battery for a mobility device, the most important factor to consider is the device’s size. A good rule of thumb is that the bigger a mobility device, the more power required and a more powerful battery it will need.

Tips to Maximize Your Battery’s Lifespan

Don’t fully deplete your battery before charging it. Keep it at least 10 percent charged at a minimum and ideally above 40 percent. If possible, fully charge your battery before a ride. Do not leave your battery unattended while charging.

Once your battery is fully charged, disconnect it from the charging cable. If your battery takes more time to charge than the maximum charging time specified by the manufacturer, it may be defective.

If you are storing your mobility device and won’t be using it for some time, charge it to at least 40 percent before putting it away. Your batteries should be charged frequently to keep them in working condition, you should charge your mobility device once a week for best battery performance. You should not let your SLA scooter batteries lose their charge completely. Store your device in an area where it doesn’t get too hot.

Steps to Charging a Battery

If you are using an XML type charger:

➢ Turn off your mobility device

➢ Plug the charger into the wall

➢ Make sure the Power LED is illuminated

➢ Make sure your mobility device is fully charged (the light should turn green or off)

➢ Once your mobility device is fully charged, unplug the charger and turn on your device

For an onboard charger

➢ Plug the charger into the wall

➢ Check the charging dial to make sure it doesn’t read zero. Make sure the power LED is illuminated

➢ When the charging dial reads zero, unplug the charger. The number indicated on the dial indicates the battery percent discharged by 10s. So if the reading is 0, your battery is fully charged (or 0 percent discharged)

➢ Remove the charger and place the cord in its compartment

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