Mobility impairments can be debilitating. A mobility impairment can affect one’s ability to do activities of daily living without assistance. Many people with mobility impairments become too dependent on their caregivers and may have low self-esteem. Caring for an overly dependent person with a mobility impairment can be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. 


Mobility impairments can affect physical and mental health. Many people with mobility impairments stop exercising. Lack of physical activity has been shown to be a risk factor for debilitating health conditions. People with mobility impairments make many changes to their life. They stop attending social events. Social isolation increases one’s risk of mental disorders. 


Stander offers a wide range of world-class mobility solutions designed to help people with mobility impairments perform everyday activities such as taking a shower, and getting in and out of bed easily and safely. 


Mobility solutions by Stander are a cut above the rest. They utilize high-quality materials and meet national and international quality standards. Every Stander product is designed with users in mind. Stander product designers are worth their salt. They have an unparalleled ability to put themselves in the user’s shoes to understand their needs, expectations and concerns. 


Stander is committed to excellence. The manufacturer constantly upgrades its products by adding new features to them and also launches new products at regular intervals to meet evolving user needs. Stander is credited with introducing some of the most innovative rollators to the market over the years. Though compact and lightweight, Stander rollators can support up to 350 pounds. 


Rollators by Stander come loaded with features. They have a lightweight frame and can be easily folded and lifted into a car. Every rollator comes fully assembled and ready to use. Stander rollators have height-adjustable handles and locking brakes that control movement and lock wheels when sitting for enhanced safety. 


Every rollator comes with a water-resistant and insulated storage bag designed to help carry grocery items. Whoever thinks rollators are dull and boring probably hasn’t checked out Stander products yet! Available in an array of colors, Stander rollators are anything but boring. 


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