Macs Lifts

Macs Lifts

People with mobility impairments can often struggle to walk up and down stairs. They are at an increase risk of losing their balance and falling down while using stairs. A mobility impairment can make walking up and down stairs extremely painful and dangerous. 


Vertical home lifts are designed to help people with mobility impairments navigate stairs safely. A vertical home lift is a motorized chair that travels vertically along a rail that is securely bolted to the steps of the staircase. If someone in your home has a mobility impairment, a vertical home lift can be a worthy addition to your property. 


Vertical home lifts are very easy to operate and can often be controlled via a remote. Many people with mobility impairments rely on their caregivers for navigating stairs. A caregiver can get injured while helping their loved one go up or down stairs. A vertical home lift can help reduce caregiver burden. 


Mac’s is a leading manufacturer of home lifts. Every Mac’s lift undergoes stringent quality tests and meets national quality standards. Developed by industry experts, Mac’s Lifts quality control process detects the minutest of defects to ensure that each product is of high-quality. 


Mac’s Lifts has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with mobility impairments through its vertical home lifts. Their products are designed with safety in mind. Every Mac’s vertical home lift features a non-slip platform and pressure switches that allow the user to start, stop, and change directions at any point. 


A low platform ensures easy access while heavy-duty drive systems ensure that each Mac’s vertical home lifts is able to operate in almost any weather condition. Every product is tested to work in extreme temperatures, ranging from -30 degrees to 120 degrees. 


The electric system of a Mac’s vertical home lift is placed well above the ground and sealed against moisture, which makes maintenance a breeze. Mac’s vertical home lifts are finished with an automotive grade powder coat that protects them from the elements. 


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