Bruno Independent

Bruno Independent

People with mobility impairments often have trouble walking up and down stairs. When trying to navigate stairs without help, a person with restricted mobility can slip, trip, or fall and sustain a life-altering injury. 


Want to make your home more accessible for a loved one with a mobility impairment? Install a stairlift! Stairlifts are designed to help people with reduced mobility safely go up and down stairs. 


A stairlift consists of a motorized chair and drive system, also known as the carriage. It travels along a fixed track, guiding the chair along the rail. Stairlifts can be installed onto outdoor stairs, curved stairs, and straight stairs.


Stairlifts help people with mobility impairments avoid safety risks and reduce dependency on caregivers while navigating stairs. This helps users safely move up and down stairs with minimal assistance and reducing the potential strain on a caregiver. 


Bruno is a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor stairlifts. Stairlifts by the manufacturer are renowned for their durability and deliver a smooth, silent ride. Every Bruno stairlift is hand-crafted with care for unmatched performance and dependability. 


Bruno uses quality materials known to stand the test of time to manufacture its products. Bruno stairlifts tick all the right boxes and meet or exceed user expectations. 


You can use your outdoor Bruno stairlift to get up and down your stairs while enjoying the views of your or your neighbor’s terraced garden. Engineered to withstand the elements, Bruno stairlifts last years. Whether you have traditional, normal-sized staircases or extra-long staircases, you will find a Bruno stairlift to fit your unique needs. 


Mobility Masters and Bruno share an unwavering commitment to quality. Bruno uses stringent quality checks to ensure product quality. Every Bruno product undergoes a series of durability tests. 


Bruno is committed to helping users live a happy, fulfilling life. Bruno’s in-house product research and development team keeps experimenting with ideas and concepts. 


Every Bruno stairlift boasts a range of safety features, such as obstruction sensors and seat belts. Width-adjustable armrests and height-adjustable plush seats maximize user convenience and comfort. To learn more about Bruno stairlifts, call us at (800) 936-7006.