What is The Best Lift Chair For Sleeping?

What is The Best Lift Chair For Sleeping?

Posted by Susan T. on Jun 23rd 2022

Neck, back, hip, and shoulder pain are common complaints among people with mobility impairments who use ordinary chairs. Traditional chairs fail to meet the special needs of people with mobility impairments. They can cause back, neck and shoulder strains, affecting quality of life.

Lift chairs are designed to help people with mobility impairments relax without worrying about overstretching their muscles. A lift chair features a power lifting mechanism that lifts the entire chair in order to assist the user to a standing position.

They are perfect for people who have difficulty getting up from a seated position, people who are recovering from lower body injuries and are temporarily unable to use their legs, and individuals recovering from a surgery.

Different Types of Lift Chairs

There are three different types of lift chairs:

Two-position lift chairs: A two-position lift chair reclines to a 45-degree angle, so the user is leaning back slightly. The motor controls the reclining of the chair, the footrest, and recline. The backrest and footrest cannot operate independently of each other. Two-position lift chairs are perfect for watching TV and reading.

Three-position lift chairs: A three-position lift chair can recline to an almost flat position. It stops at any degree of recline in between, allowing the user to customize their seating position. They are ideal for naps, reading, and watching TV. Like two-position lift chairs, three-position lift chairs are powered by a single motor and the backrest and footrest cannot operate independently. These chairs are used by people who are unable to sleep lying flat in a bed.

Infinite-position lift chairs: An infinite-position lift chair, also known as zero-gravity or full-recline chair, can recline into a flat position so the backrest and the footrest are parallel to the floor. Some models can lift the user’s feet above their head or above their heart into the zero-gravity position. Most models utilize two motors. One motor controls the backrest and the other motor controls the footrest, allowing the user to be in a seated position with their legs extended.

Lift Chair Benefits

Lift chairs allow people with mobility impairments to keep their independence. People who are recovering from an injury or surgery and those who have a congenital or acquired mobility impairment can relax in a lift chair without worrying about falling down while trying to achieve their favorite seating position.

Adjusting a lift chair is as easy as 1-2-3. Users can customize their seating position using their device’s remote control. This eliminates the need to manually adjust the chair and reduces dependence on a caregiver.

Infinite-position lift chairs allow users to recline to a flat position with their feet above their heart, taking stress off the spine. The position also helps improve circulation.

Caregivers and the loved ones of a person with a mobility impairment can sustain an injury while trying to move them into a seating or standing position. Lift chairs can help reduce caregiver stress and prevent injuries.

Bedsores and pressure sores are a common complaint among people with a mobility impairment that limits their ability to change positions. A lift chair allows the user to change, and more importantly, customize their positions and can prevent bedsores.

Lift chairs may also help prevent edema – a condition characterized by excess fluid collecting in the body tissues that can result from sitting in one position for a long time.

The Best Lift Chairs for Sleeping

VivaLift! Atlas Lift Chair

The Atlas can support up to 375 lbs. It comes with a user-friendly remote control that allows the users to customize their seating position without having to manually adjust their chair.

Some other notable features of the Atlas include:

➢Power headrest – allows the user to explore different position combinations for their neck, shoulders and head at the touch of a button

➢Power lumbar – helps the user customize their lumbar comfort at the touch of a button

➢Footrest extension for additional support

➢Built-in cup holders

EZ Sleeper With Twilight PR-761

The MaxiComfort Cloud with twilight positioning uses the state-of-the-art 3-motor cradle technology. It is designed to help achieve a back angle that is similar to standing, puts less pressure on the spine, and can help avoid spinal muscle fatigue.

Here are some features of the model:

➢Innovative design – takes relaxation to the next level

➢Biscuit/bustle back style

➢Can support up to 375 lbs.

DayDreamer PR-632 Lift Chair

The PR-632 by Golden Technologies is a cut above the rest. The heavy-duty lift chair can support up to 375 lbs. It features MaxiComfort recline technology designed to help the user achieve different lift and recline positions such as Zero-Gravity and Trendelenburg positions in a safe, effortless and smooth manner.

Here are some features of the PR-632 that are worth mentioning:

➢Exclusive Power Pillow – allows the user to customize their head positioning

➢AutoDrive hand control for easy, hassle-free operation

➢Full chase pad support for enhanced comfort

➢Anti-skid, adjustable skid levers improve stability

➢Dual motors for independent backrest and seat operation

Infinity Collection Lift Chair

The Infinity Collection Lift Chair can support up to 375 lbs. It features DuraSoft upholstery that provides a plush, soft and ergonomic padding for enhanced user comfort.

Here are some features of the lift chair:

➢Dual motors

➢Fully padded chase

➢Lumbar pillow –offers additional support to your back while lying down

➢Pocketed coils in seat

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lift Chair

Lift chair size: When determining the right size, consider your height and weight and available space

Reclining configurations: Think about how you want to use your chair and your favorite seating positions

Lift chair materials: Look for a chair that uses quality moisture-wicking fabric and can withstand wear and tear

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