What Can a Scooter Ramp Do for Your Mobility?

What Can a Scooter Ramp Do for Your Mobility?

Posted by Susan T. on Apr 11th 2022

For people with reduced mobility who use a wheelchair or mobility scooter, installing scooter ramps throughout their home is a great way to improve mobility. A scooter ramp can help the user access raised landings, doorways, steps, sliding glass doors, and even showers with ease.

Here are some compelling reasons to add scooter ramps to your home.

Navigate Doorways Easily and Safely

Doorways in a typical home may have obstacles such as high door thresholds. Wheelchair users often experience difficulties navigating these obstacles and may need a lot of effort to get over them.

Some scooter ramps are especially designed to address this specific problem. Their unique design allows users to easily glide over them. You can install such ramps in your rooms with a high threshold so you or anyone else in your home with limited mobility does not have difficulty navigating these rooms.

Make Entering and Exiting Your Car Easier

Scooter and wheelchair ramps designed specifically for cars make getting inside and outside them safer and more convenient. They give users the opportunity to drive their car alone and not have to depend on a caregiver to come along for assistance.

Improved Kitchen Access

If you love cooking, install a scooter ramp in your kitchen to improve access to the room. You may also want to renovate your kitchen to ensure easy access to shelves, appliances and cabinets in your kitchen.

Improved Bathroom Maneuverability

A regular bathroom fails to address the special needs of people with mobility impairments and can prove to be quite challenging to navigate with a wheelchair. Every year, many people with reduced mobility trip or fall and get injured trying to get in or out of their bath.

Ramps carefully placed in the doorway of the bath and inside it can improve access to the bath area. If you have a stand-in shower that makes it difficult for you to access the shower and complicates the process of transferring to a shower chair, place a ramp over its threshold.

Strategically placed ramps in the bath enhance privacy and allow users to take a shower without assistance.

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