Top 4 Reasons to Get a Medical Lift Chair

Top 4 Reasons to Get a Medical Lift Chair

Posted by Susan T. on Oct 12th 2022

People with mobility impairments and elderly adults struggle to get in and out of regular chairs and sofas. They can twist a joint or lose balance and fall down while trying to settle into a chair. Whether you or a loved one has a mobility impairment, replace the traditional chairs in your home with medical lift chairs.

A medical lift chair features a power lifting mechanism that pushes the entire chair, allowing the user to safely get into a standing position. There are three different types of medical chairs – two-position, three-position, and infinite position.

  • A two-position lift chair can recline to about a 45-degree angle as the seat and ottoman rise. These chairs are ideal for users who do not want their chair to fully recline.
  • A three-position lift chair reclines to 180 degrees, allowing the user to sit or nap for hours in it.
  • An infinite-position lift chair reclines fully. It has two motors, allowing the user to control the back and footrest independently.

Here are some reasons to consider buying or renting a medical lift chair.

Keeps Your Independence

Elderly adults and people with mobility impairments need assistance getting in and out of regular chairs or sofas. Over time, they become dependent on their caregivers.

Medical lift chairs are designed keeping in mind the needs of users. A medical lift chair allows the user to go from a seated or reclining position to a standing position on their own. As users become self-reliant, they build self-confidence. They develop a positive approach to life and are able to improve their quality of life.

Reduces the Risk of Injury

A person with a mobility impairment or an elderly adult can fall down and injure themselves while trying to get in or out of a regular chair. Caregivers too face the risk of injury while trying to help their loved one settle into a traditional chair. A lift chair is designed to assist the user get into a standing or sitting position safely. It reduces caregiver burden as the user does not need assistance to get into their favorite position.

Reduces Your Risk of Edema

Edema is a condition characterized by an excess of fluid collecting in the cavities or tissues. Mild cases of edema often result from sitting in a position for too long. With a lift chair, you can change the position of your legs and lift yourself to a standing position. You can also move or walk around to improve circulation in your legs.

Prevents Pressure Sores

Bedsores/pressure ulcers/decubitus ulcers are skin injuries that result from prolonged pressure on the skin. People who are unable to change their position due to a medical condition are at risk of bedsores. A lift chair allows you to change your position. As a result, you are not compelled to lie down in one position for too long.

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