Stair Lifts Help Improve Home Access

Posted by Susan T. on Oct 21st 2020

The Top Four Reasons Stair Lifts are Important and Improve Home Access.

Steep stairs can be a hazard regardless of your age. A younger person may be able to endure a few scrapes and bruises from the fall, but for an aging adult one fall could be a serious injury.

In the US alone, researchers predict that 25-30% of aging adults will fall this year, and because a majority of homes in the United States have stairs these will be very risky falls. Stair lifts are a solution to that problem. Stair lifts are mechanical devices for lifting people up and down stairs. A person gets into the chair and is lifted up or down the stairs along a rail. Stair lifts are important to the aging population for 4 Major Reasons.

1. Independence

Twenty-five percent of adults age 65 and older have walking, mobility issues. This can make climbing stairs challenging, if not impossible. Many aging adults take the risk, because they need to get to a bathroom or something on another floor. Stair lifts are the solution to help aging adults stay independent and at home. In recent reports from the CDC, statistics show that 1.3 million aging adults live in nursing homes. There are many reasons aging adults enter nursing homes, but a majority of transitions happen after a major fall. However, the information from the AARP below illustrates that many aging adults would rather remain in their homes than transition to a nursing home.

  • 90% Prefer to Live at Home
  • 82% Live at Home Even if Care is Needed
  • 9% Move to Facility
  • 4% Move with Relatives

Stair lifts empower aging adults to stay independent and maintain the life they love living.

2. Safety

Imagine its Halloween Night, excited, socially distanced trick or treaters ring your aging loved one’s doorbell. Your aging loved one is upstairs in their bedroom. In their excitement they could fall down. For their safety they could instead hop in a stair lift to arrive promptly and safely to the door to enjoy one of their favorite fall traditions. Furthermore, research shows that climbing stairs is one on the greatest triggers of anxiety attacks in aging adults. Keep your loved one physically and mentally safe on fun holidays like Halloween.

3. Flexibility

Stair lifts are created with a variety of staircases in mind to fit any home perfectly. A stair lift can be installed on a curved or straight staircase, or even a few steps or an entire grand staircase. The options are truly limited and can be personalized to best fit your loved ones needs.

4. Indoor and Outdoor Use

Stair lifts can be implemented for both indoor and outdoor use. An aging adult can watch their grandkids jump into the leaves or move inside to help with the carving of pumpkins. Lift chairs are very versatile. This is meant to further increase their independence and help them easily get fresh air before the weather gets too cold.

The price of a stair lift may be something to consider, but they are the best option for wheelchair users who want to live independently in their homes. Listen to the wishes of the 90% of aging adults that would prefer to live at home. 

Our team can help with installing your new stair lift if you’re in Sonoma County. Purchase a stair lift to maintain independence, keep them safe, provide flexibility, and enjoy indoor & outdoor activities today!  For any questions, please call us at (800) 936-7006.