Scooter Ramp Buying Guide

Scooter Ramp Buying Guide

Posted by Susan T. on Jul 21st 2021

Scooter ramps can be placed over steps, inclines, and other uneven surfaces to provide safe and easy access for people who use scooters or other mobility aids. A scooter ramp allows people who use scooters to access a building easily.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a scooter ramp from the experts at Mobility Masters.

Types of Ramps

Scooter ramps are available as permanent, portable, modular, and semi-permanent configurations. If you intend to use your ramp for a long time, look for a permanent ramp. However, if your mobility impairment is temporary and you need a ramp for a few months, opt for a portable ramp or threshold ramp.

  • Permanent ramps are usually built onto facilities as permanent additions and are often anchored in the ground with concrete anchors.
  • Portable ramps collapse down to a smaller size to allow easier travel. To set up a portable ramp, you need to lengthen it and securely place it between a high point and the ground.
  • Semi-permanent ramps and modular ramps combine the best of both worlds. They are designed to stay in place, but are easy to remove and adjust if required.
  • Modular ramps can be reconfigured or customized. You can easily add a section to a modular ramp.

Weight Capacity

Choose a scooter ramp that can safely support the total weight on it (the weight of the mobility device + the user’s weight and the caregiver’s weight, and any additional necessary items). When selecting a ramp, it is important to pay special attention to the weight capacity of the ramp to make sure it is able to support the weight you need it for.

Slope of the Ramp

The slope of your scooter ramp is how steep it will rise. For safety reasons, make sure the slope of your preferred scooter ramp is appropriate for the incline limits of your mobility aid. A good rule of thumb is that:

  • You will need a foot of ramp for every inch of rising if you intend to ride up and down the ramp while seated in your mobility device
  • You will need about a foot of ramp for every three inches of rising if you plan to walk alongside or behind your scooter

Mobility Masters is a top-rated supplier of scooter ramps and other mobility products in Santa Rosa. We are committed to helping individuals with mobility impairments reclaim their independence and improve their quality of life. To learn more, call us at (800) 936-7006.