Pride Mobility’s New Radiance Recliner is the Gold Standard for Power Recliners

Pride Mobility’s New Radiance Recliner is the Gold Standard for Power Recliners

Posted by Susan T. on Oct 22nd 2021

Power recliners (or lift chairs) are designed to help people with mobility issues avoid difficulties when standing up or sitting down. Power recliners offer lifting and reclined positions as well as heating and massage options. Lift chairs use motors that help adjust them into a comfortable position with the touch of a button.

There are several benefits of lift chairs. They can help the user relax while elevate their legs which helps with soreness or joint stiffness. Recliners are easy to use, can help prevent or reduce bed sores and reduce the risk for injury.

Pride Mobility is a leading manufacturer of power recliners. The manufacturer has been producing high quality mobility solutions for more than 25 years. In this time, lift chairs from Pride Mobility have transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Made from high quality materials, their recliners come equipped with a range of advanced safety and convenience features.

Pride Mobility offers feature rich products. Every Pride Mobility recliner is designed with convenience and safety in mind. Several additional accessories that you can add to your lift chair are footrest extensions and adjustable back cushioning.

Pride Mobility has been constantly expanding its product line. The manufacturer’s VivaLift power recliner collection consists of top-of-the-line recliner chairs. They come with a range of features designed to maximize user convenience and safety.

Enter the VivaLift! Radiance

The Pennsylvania based manufacturer recently added the Radiance to its VivaLift power recliner collection. The Radiance truly is a cut above the rest. It comes loaded with features that make it stand out from the crowd.

The Radiance features independent leg operation and comes with an adjustable power headrest and adjustable lumbar support. The power headrest gently lifts the head, shoulders and neck for maximum support while helping to reduce the pressure on joints, nerves and muscles.

The recliner is available in four different colors:

  • Silt Beige
  • Ocean Blue
  • Walnut Brown
  • Steel Gray

The fabric is made from synthetic leather that is long lasting while also maximizing comfort. The power lumbar support enables the user to personalize their comfort while the footrest extensions allow the user to completely stretch out on their recliners. The headrest and backrest move independently from each other which allows the mechanism helps increase the number of positions that can be achieved. The unique 4-motor recliner technology allows the user to elevate their legs for enhanced circulation.

The VivaLift! Radiance equally distributes body weight to improve ergonomics. Whether you want to sink into your chair and watch television or lie down and read a book, the Radiance has you covered. It comes standard with three conveniently placed heating pads that gently heat the shoulders, back, and neck. The heat level can be adjusted with a low or high setting to meet individual preferences and needs.

Want to keep your phone close at hand while you charge it? Use the wireless charging station that pulls out from the armrest to charge it while the other armrest comes with a pullout cup holder.

The Radiance comes with a lithium-ion battery backup that reduces reliance on electricity allowing you to continue using your recliner during power cuts. The upholstery used for the Radiance is made from high quality, luxurious Canyon fiber.

Traditional recliners come with push buttons that can get easily damaged. The Radiance addresses this problem through an easy to use ergonomically correct toggle remote, designed to help avoid finger and hand fatigue during operation. There are two memory buttons that you can use to save your favorite seating or reclining position.

The Radiance can support up to 400 pounds. There are four sizes to choose from: petite wide, small, medium, and large/tall. You will find the right setting for you, irrespective of your body type.

The warranties on Pride Mobility products are some of the best in the industry. The Radiance comes with a one-year in-home service contract, in addition to an industry-leading warranty. Finding parts for a Pride Mobility product is as easy as 1,2,3, given the fact that Pride has a network of dealers around the country.

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