How to Know If You Need a Lift Chair

How to Know If You Need a Lift Chair

Posted by Susan T. on Apr 20th 2022

People with mobility impairments face several difficulties when using ordinary chairs. Regular chairs are not designed with their specific needs in mind. A person with limited mobility can fall and sustain injuries while trying to get in or out of a traditional chair. Regular chairs do not offer lumbar support and can increase stress on the joints of users with mobility impairments.

Lift chairs can help address these problems. Lift chair recliners are designed to help users relax without worrying about straining their neck, back, or shoulders. They come loaded with several features that allow users to get in and out of them safely.

Lift chairs allow users to customize their seating. Manufacturers use moisture-wicking fabrics that facilitate cross ventilation. Some other notable features of lift chairs include built-in cup holders, footrest extension, power headrest and power lumbar support. Lift chairs manufactured these days can be controlled using a remote. A remote-controlled lift chair allows you to customize your seating at the push of a button.

Many people with mobility impairments wonder if they need a lift chair. They ask themselves several questions such as:

  • I have people to assist me get in and out of chairs, does this make a lift chair less useful?
  • Is a lift chair useful only for someone with a bad knee?
  • Is the only benefit of a lift chair the lift?

You know you need a lift chair if you spend a considerable amount of time in your recliner every day, you have difficulty getting in and out of ordinary chairs, you get tired easily doing everyday tasks, have trouble going upstairs to your bedroom, or experience frequent episodes of neck, shoulder and/or back pain.

You Spend a Considerable Amount of Time in Your Recliner Everyday

If you spend a considerable amount of time relaxing in your recliner, consider upgrading to a lift chair. A lift chair can help you find new ways to relax. You can use your chair’s nap-style settings to rest comfortably or relax in your lift chair with your legs up to ensure better circulation.

When you use a regular chair, you may need to call your caregiver every time you want to get up. If they’re occupied with an urgent task, you may have to wait till they complete it and can tend to your needs.

A lift chair can help you keep your independence. A lift chair makes sitting up effortless with just the push of a button and can make life convenient for you and your caregiver.

You Have Difficulty Getting In and Out of Traditional Chairs

A mobility impairment can make an everyday, normal task such as getting out of a couch or chair after sitting in it for a while seem like an uphill struggle. If you experience this problem, a lift chair can be a big help.

Lift chairs have motors that run and stop at the touch of a button. The motor of a power lift chair raises it so you or your caregiver does not have to do the hard work of lifting the chair. The motor can be stopped at any point, allowing you to get up whenever you feel comfortable.

Most lift chairs do not lift straight up. Some models can be modified to lift straight up at an angle. The lift mechanism of a lift chair tilts it forward, giving the user a bit of slide room to stand up at their convenience.

If you think these features can make your life easier, consider getting a lift chair.

You Get Tired Easily Doing Everyday Tasks

If you get tired doing activities of daily living, you need to take a look at your daily routine. You might be spending too much energy trying to fit into your regular chair. If this is the case, a lift chair can help you preserve your energy for more important tasks.

A power lift recliner allows you to ease yourself into a comfortable sitting position. In addition to helping you conserve your energy, a lift chair can help prevent extra stress on your joints and you can feel energetic and fresh throughout the day.

Have Trouble Going Upstairs to Your Bedroom

If your bedroom is upstairs, it may be difficult for you to get to it some nights. When you have a lift chair on the ground floor of your house, you can comfortably sleep in it, instead of having to get upstairs. To get a good night’s sleep, adjust your lift chair in your preferred position using the sleep setting for maximum comfort.

If you plan to sleep in your chair frequently, make sure it has custom-made pillows designed to give your head extra support during naps.

You Experience Frequent Episodes of Neck/Shoulder/Hip/Back Pain

If you experience back/hip/neck/shoulder pain frequently, you may be spending too much time in a regular chair. Ordinary chairs do not offer good lumbar support and can add stress to joints. Pressure resulting from sitting for long periods of time in a traditional chair can damage the skin, causing pressure sores. To steer clear of these problems, consider switching to a lift chair.

Things to Consider When Buying a Lift Chair

When buying a lift chair, consider your needs. Consider how you want to use your chair. If you intend to spend a considerable amount of time in your chair every day, make sure it can achieve a number of positions. Look for a chair that offers massage and has an extended footrest.

Check the chair’s style and the fabric used. Consider your body type and make sure the chair you are considering can support your weight.

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