How to Clean a Stairlift

How to Clean a Stairlift

Posted by Susan T. on Mar 25th 2022

People with mobility impairments often face difficulties navigating stairs. A person with mobility issues can slip, fall, or trip and sustain a life-altering injury while walking up or down stairs. If you have a person with limited mobility in your home, add a stairlift to make it more accessible for them.

Stairlifts are designed to help users steer clear of safety risks and avoid the fatigue that occurs when climbing up and down stairs. Like other mobility device, stairlifts need regular cleaning to avoid dust and dirt getting to places where they shouldn’t and affecting performance.

Regular cleaning keeps stairlifts in perfect working order. When not cleaned for a long period of time, a stairlift can develop problems that can cut short its service life.

How Frequently Should You Clean a Stairlift?

Make giving your stairlift a thorough cleaning every week a priority. If you do not use your stairlift frequently or can’t make time to clean it every week, perform the task every other week. Wipe down the seat to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt on stairlift parts.

Stairlift Cleaning Tips and Techniques

Clean your stairlift seat and track with a clean, damp cloth. Steer clear of abrasive cleaning products as they can cause serious damage to your equipment and void your warranty. After cleaning your stairlift, wipe it with a dry cloth to make sure that everything is dry.

Be sure to clean your stairlift rail. Pet hair, dust, and dirt can get stuck in the stairlift rail, causing the system to malfunction. Use a degreasing product that does not leave behind any residue. Do not forget to clean around the lift area, including the mat and behind the stairlift, to prevent dust and hair from getting inside your stairlift.


In addition to keeping your stairlift clean, you need to periodically maintain it. Periodic stairlift maintenance addresses current problems and prevents potential issues from occurring. Have a technician inspect and maintain your stairlift annually.

Never unplug your stairlift as it can negatively affect the battery. Unplugging your stairlift too often can permanently damage your battery. Even when the stairlift is not in use, run it up and down a few times every week.

When the stairlift is sitting idle, make sure it is parked properly at the top or bottom of the stairs. This will help prevent excessive wear and tear on it. Visually inspect all the moving stairlift parts and check the bolts and screws to see if they’re coming loose. Tighten any loose parts.

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