How Mobility Scooters Help Seniors Keep Their Independence

How Mobility Scooters Help Seniors Keep Their Independence

Posted by Susan T. on Jul 13th 2021

Aging is a natural phenomenon. The changes that occur in the body with aging can lead to mobility problems including complete or partial immobility. In addition, age-related conditions and diseases can make it difficult for older adults to stay mobile.

As people age, their fear of losing their independence becomes stronger. Losing their independence can leave someone feeling frustrated, angry, or afraid.

On the other hand, seniors who can maintain their independence feel happier and more content with their lives. Maintaining their independence gives them a sense of achievement. They can participate in activities they enjoy and report a higher quality of life.

If your parents have mobility impairments that prevent them from living life to the fullest, gift them the gift of mobility.

Mobility scooters are designed to help users remain independent. Available in a range of makes, models, and styles, mobility scooters by leading manufacturers come loaded with safety, convenience, and comfort features that improve ride quality.

Whether one of your parents is recovering from surgery and has temporary mobility impairment or a chronic health condition that leads to permanent mobility impairment, you will find a mobility scooter that fits their specific needs.

How Can a Mobility Scooter Improve Quality of Life?

As a person gets older, they may experience several problems that can impact their mobility. Mobility impairments can bring a whole host of physical and mental problems. In addition, many people with mobility impairments lead a sedentary or inactive lifestyle. As a result, they can quickly gain weight. It is no secret that being overweight puts a person at risk for many serious health conditions such as heart diseases, type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and liver disease.

Mobility scooters can help seniors with mobility impairments reclaim their independence. Older adults who use mobility scooters are able to participate in activities and maintain an active lifestyle. Living an active life is important to staying physically and mentally healthy.

A mobility scooter will allow your parents to get outside more to meet old friends. They will also love the sense of independence that will come with their ability to explore the neighborhood without any assistance.

Why Prefer Mobility Scooters to Other Mobility Devices?

A mobility scooter is preferred by both seniors and their caretakers. It is not uncommon for wheelchair users to feel tired. A major drawback of manual wheelchairs is that they require some manual force to move.

Research has shown that manual wheelchair use can lead to a high incidence of pain. As a result, many manual wheelchair users deliberately change their mobility patterns to avoid activities that exacerbate pain.

Unlike manual wheelchairs, mobility scooters do not need manual force. Instead, they are powered by motors, which means users can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. In addition, many manufacturers offer folding mobility scooters that you can easily fold and transport.

Many older adults have back problems so they try to avoid sitting in the same position for more than 30 minutes, as it can exacerbate pain. The best mobility scooters come equipped with wide seats designed to help users maintain good posture. Leading manufacturers use high-quality, moisture-wicking materials in upholsteries. These materials draw moisture away from users’ bodies.

Many mobility scooters have adjustable armrests. Users can adjust the width of their armrests to maintain good body alignment and relax the muscles in their hands, necks, arms, and shoulders.

Mobility scooters come loaded with safety features, including disk brakes, front and taillights, horns, reflectors, and rearview mirrors. These scooters are incredibly fun to ride and can go up to 20 mph or more. Gift your parents one to add excitement to their lives.

Things to Consider When Buying a Mobility Scooter for an Older Adult

Can it be used outdoors? -Some scooters are only suitable for indoor use. However, if your parents love the outdoors, look for a scooter that they can drive on sidewalks and roads.

Maneuverability: Look for a scooter with a small turning radius. A scooter with a small turning radius is easier to maneuver, especially when driving in tight spaces. When determining how maneuverable the ideal scooter should be, consider where it will be driven.

Can it be transported easily? - If you get out more often, look for a mobility scooter that you can fold for keeping it in a car or public transit so they can explore new areas.

Maximum weight capacity: Considering the size of the user is very important when choosing the right type of mobility scooter. Larger individuals will need heavy-duty mobility scooters that can safely support their weight and the weight of any accessories and any items that will be carried.

Battery range: Some scooters can go up to 6-8 miles on a single charge, while others go as far as 30 miles before they need to be recharged. Before you start evaluating different options, consider how the scooter will be used (indoor vs. outdoor use).

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