Benefits of Using eWheels 3-Wheel Mobility Heavy-Duty Scooter

Benefits of Using eWheels 3-Wheel Mobility Heavy-Duty Scooter

Posted by Susan T. on May 24th 2021

Mobility scooters are a godsend for people who may not have the same mobility that they used to. Designed to help people reclaim their independence, mobility scooters come loaded with a wide range of safety, comfort and convenience features.

Mobility scooters are available in a range of configurations. 3-wheel mobility scooters are some of the most popular types of mobility scooters available on the market. If you think all heavy-duty scooters are ugly, you are wrong! Many 3-wheel mobility heavy-duty scooters look as stylish as they are comfortable.

Top-of-the-line models take safety to the next level. They come equipped with a number of features such as ultra-bright LED adjustable headlights & taillights and electromagnetic brakes designed to maximize safety.

Still wondering if a 3-wheel mobility heavy-duty scooter is right for you? We will give you several reasons to consider a 3-wheel mobility scooter.

Easy to Use

Ewheels 3-wheel mobility heavy-duty scooters come fully ready to ride, eliminating the need for reading confusing user manuals. The best 3-wheel mobility heavy-duty scooters have easy-to-read digital instrument cluster and provide maximum stability and comfort. However, the tradeoff for these benefits is that most heavy scooters need an accompanying lift and van or truck for transportation.

Designed to Maximize Comfort

3-wheel mobility scooters come loaded with features designed to help improve ride quality. The rear suspension of a 3-wheel mobility scooter absorbs any sudden bumps when traveling.

Many models have captain-stye height adjustable seats that allow users to customize their seating position to maximize comfort. Ergonomic throttle control and padded adjustable armrests are designed to help users avoid fatigue.

Maximize Storage Space

Many 3-wheel mobility heavy-duty scooters come with a spacious storage in both the front and rear basket that can accommodate other small everyday use items. Select models even feature a charging port below the control panel, allowing users to charge their mobile phones on the go.

Superior Safety Features

3-wheel mobility scooters come packed with safety features including adjustable LED headlights & taillights and electromagnetic brakes. Many models come with speed adjustable knobs that maximize safety and control when driving on different surfaces.

The best 3-wheel mobility heavy-duty scooters have any issues navigating smooth surfaces and up and down small-to-medium inclines.

Great for Short as Well as Long Trips

Love exploring the outdoors? Consider getting an EWheels 3-wheel mobility heavy-duty scooter. These scooters can go up to 43 miles on a single charge and come with smart chargers that decrease charge time.

Tips to Maintain Your 3-wheel Mobility Heavy-duty Scooter

You cannot buy a 3-wheel mobility heavy-duty scooter and expect it to stay in mint condition. Like all the other types of mobility scooters, EWheels scooters need regular upkeep and maintenance to minimize problems, improve ride quality, safety, and increase equipment life.

Well-maintained scooters are reliable and need less frequent repairs, which means that they tend to have lower operating costs.

Here are some tips to maintain your 3-wheel EWheels scooter.

Protect Your Scooter From the Elements

Never park your scooter in the rain. If possible, avoid using your scooter in inclement weather. However, if you want to use your scooter when it’s raining outside, be sure to protect its electrical equipment. Seats made from leather or fabric should be protected as well.

Clean Your Scooter

Regular cleaning will prevent dirt and dust from accumulating on different parts of your scooter. Be very careful when cleaning moving parts to not injure yourself. Use water judiciously or rust and corrosion can form on the metal components.

Regularly clean the underside of your scooter and the battery pack. When not in use, store your scooter in a clean, dry place. Remember to cover it with a waterproof cover.

Even if your scooter looks clean, wipe down its body with a clean, soft cloth every week. To find out where you can use cleaning products, refer to your user manual.

Tires are an integral component of your mobility scooter. Under inflated or overinflated tires can negatively impact your scooter’s performance. To steer clear of problems, periodically check tire pressure. Inspect your tires for punctures, cracks, discoloration and other problems.

If you ever need help with the maintenance, repair, or upkeep of your EWheels scooter, the team at Mobility Masters is always ready to help keep you up and running.

Mobility Masters offers a range of mobility aids by leading brands, including EWheels. We are on a mission to bring about a positive change in the lives and help give the gift of mobility to each of our customers. Life is a journey that should get easier as you age, not harder! To discuss your needs, please call us at (800) 936-7006.