Benefits of Folding Power Wheelchairs

Benefits of Folding Power Wheelchairs

Posted by Susan T. on Oct 13th 2021

Millions of people with reduced mobility elect to use wheelchairs whether on the go or around the house. However, one major downside of a manual wheelchair is that it typically relies on another person to help push the chair. Young or old, it’s no wonder that many manual wheelchair users complain of fatigue.

Fortunately, folding power wheelchairs address these problems. A lightweight power wheelchair is powered by an electric motor which eliminates the need for help when navigating. They are also easier to control and can be folded for hassle-free storage.

Here are some benefits of folding power wheelchairs.

Help Maintain Independence

Ask people with reduced mobility what they fear the most and you’ll find that many say losing their independence or becoming dependent on others. A folding power wheelchair can help a person with reduced mobility reclaim their independence and maintain it by minimizing the need for caregiver assistance.

Folding power wheelchairs make it easier for users to perform everyday actions. It allows them to partake in activities that they enjoy, helping improve their quality of life.

Easy to Transport

Compact folding power wheelchairs fit in tight spaces and can be easily transported. They can be easily folded into the back of the trunk of an SUV. You can even take a TSA and airline-approved folding power wheelchair on the plane when traveling by air. However, you should be sure to review TSA guidelines when evaluating if a scooter will meet their guidelines. If you have more questions, get in touch with us!

Help with Steep Inclines

Manual wheelchair users often struggle traveling up steep inclines be they hills, ramps, or driveways. Folding power wheelchairs are equipped with powerful motors designed to propel them without losing power and stability. They are also better equipped to deal with steep gradients than manual wheelchairs.

Improved Maneuverability

Folding power wheelchairs can operate in limited or restrictive spaces as they have smaller turning radii than manual wheelchairs and are easier to maneuver. A folding power wheelchair can help you move around your home or navigate around obstacles and difficult paths with ease.

Can Travel Long Distances

Many folding power wheelchairs manufactured today have excellent battery life, allowing them to travel long distances on a single charge. Most chairs can go about 20-30 miles before requiring a charge. Perfect for a day chock full of activities!

Mobility Masters is a renowned supplier of lightweight power wheelchairs. We only carry products from the best manufacturers to ensure our customers have quality products. With proper care and maintenance, your mobility device will last for years. To learn more, call (800) 936-7006.