Are Electric Bikes Actually Good for the Environment?

Are Electric Bikes Actually Good for the Environment?

Posted by Susan T. on Oct 31st 2023

There are many benefits to electric bikes. They make cycling a lot more fun and can help prevent fatigue. Unlike cars, electric bikes do not release greenhouse gases and can help users reduce their carbon footprint. No wonder environmentally conscious people across the country prefer electric bikes over cars to get from one place to another. If you too want to swap your car for an electric bike, but are having difficulty choosing between the different types of bikes, consult a mobility equipment dealer who offers electric bikes for sale.

Here are some environmental benefits of electric bikes.

Less Resources Used to Manufacture

Car manufacturing has a large environmental impact. It is estimated that around 6-35 metric tons of greenhouse gases are produced during the car manufacturing process, depending on factors such as the brand, size, weight, and factory processes. Electric bikes are lightweight and use less materials than cars.

Help Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

Studies show that Americans use 130 billion gallons of gas per year. Experts estimate that for every million tons of gas produced, 59,000-328,000 tons of CO2 is generated. Around 240 million to 1.3 trillion tons of CO2 is emitted during the production of 130 billion gallons of gas. Electric bikes are zero-emission vehicles and can help reduce CO2 emissions. By switching to an electric bike, you can reduce your carbon emissions by around 500 lbs. per year.

Help Reduce Waste

Although both bicycles and cars do not last forever, it's more challenging to decontaminate and dispose of cars and trucks. Electric bikes are easier to get rid of at the end of their life cycle. They take up less space in landfills and can help reduce pressure on them. Plus, their batteries can be recycled.

Reduce Noise Pollution

Did you know that a traditional (gasoline/diesel) passenger car going at a speed of 65 mph can produce noise levels of 70 decibels. A diesel truck moving at a speed of 40 mph, on the other hand, can produce noise levels of 84 decibels. Research shows that regular exposure to loud noises can increase stress hormones levels. Electric bikes are significantly quieter than cars and even motorcycles.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Electric Bike

When choosing a bike, consider your needs. Make sure the model you are considering has gears and is right for your lifestyle. Check the bike’s range and make sure the motor’s position does not affect bike’s comfort.

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