5 Benefits Wheelchairs Provide to Seniors

Posted by Susan T. on Jul 16th 2020

As people age, their mobility declines. One in five senior citizens in the U.S. struggles with mobility. In many cases, people with mobility issues are unable to walk easily on foot due to pain, discomfort, or other hardships. Wheelchairs are designed to enhance the quality of life and confidence along with granting greater independence. Here are some benefits of wheelchairs for seniors in Santa Rosa.

Enhanced Mobility

As people age, their muscles and joints become weak. Many senior citizens want to enjoy the outdoors, spend time with their friends & family, and participate in activities. However, they are confined to their homes due to mobility issues.

Seniors can use wheelchairs for mobility. Wheelchairs are designed to help users move around their homes and explore the outdoors without any hassle. Seniors who use wheelchairs have an active lifestyle and report a high quality of life as well as increased freedom and independence.

Comfort and Convenience

Wheelchairs feature comfortable seating, designed to align the spine properly, and provide firm support. Modern wheelchairs come in a wide variety of options to ensure that any issues or concerns you may have can be adequately taken care of. Opting for a wheelchair that best suits your body is a must-have for a successful outing in Sonoma County.

Enhanced Socialization

Man is a social animal. The need to interact with people is etched in our DNA. This need gets even stronger with age. Seniors who use wheelchairs can meet their friends and participate in activities. They live life on their own terms and are not dependent on a helper to move them around. Socialization improves their mental health and quality of life, enabling them to live more fulfilling lives.


If you ask seniors the worst part of living with reduced mobility, many will say increased dependence on their caregivers. Many seniors depend on their caregivers to move them around.

Seniors with reduced mobility can opt for wheelchairs to break the shackles of dependency. They can use their wheelchairs to move around freely and enjoy hobbies without any restrictions.

Bring More Enjoyment and Fulfillment into the Lives of Seniors

Wheelchairs allow seniors with reduced mobility to enjoy outdoor activities. They can participate in short races, eat out, visit friends, and go on picnics. Seniors with mobility issues are able to participate in activities and pursue hobbies. This makes them feel more connected to the people around them and their environment.

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