5 Benefits of Lift Chairs for Aging Adults

5 Benefits of Lift Chairs for Aging Adults

Posted by Susan T. on Sep 16th 2020

As we all start to age gracefully, falls are a main concern for our health. There are a plethora of reasons one might fall. Falls can happen because of a difficulty seeing, hearing, or slower responsive reflexes. Other medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or thyroid problems can also impact your likelihood of falling. So, how can you prevent falls? Research suggests that you should stay active, attend your medical appointments regularly, and stand up slowly whenever possible.

One of the greatest aids to standing up slowly and comfortably is a lift chair. A lift chair is similar to a recliner in that it moves to an upright position with a click of a button. A lift chair however has a refined, sturdy lifting system, and it can assist a person to their feet without the need to physically pull a lever or switch. At Mobility Masters we offer a variety of lift chairs to fit your needs, but what other benefits do lift chairs provide?

1. Less of a Risk for Injury

A lift chair is created to avoid muscle strain when someone is standing up. Lift chairs are designed to adjust to high comfortable positions, specifically to prevent back and leg muscle strain when sitting down or standing up. An aging adult using such a chair, is less likely to fall with this transition assistance.

2. Greater Independence for Aging Adults

The more someone ages the more likely it is that he or she needs assistance from another person. An electric lift chair offers aging adults with limited mobility a degree of independence.

The remote access gives an aging adults the power to adjust or raise the chair to their desired comfort. They can also lower the chair and be supported as they sit down & stand up.

3. Comfort for a Variety of Activities

Lift chairs offer various positions of comfortability. Some aging adults prefer to sleep in their lift chairs instead of their beds. An electric lift chair can also be helpful for aging adults that need to elevate their legs while they sit or sleep. The majority of lift chairs can extend as far as 180 degrees or easily condense to a right angle. This ensures optimal comfort while sitting or sleeping.

4. Self-Care and Relaxation

A lift chair provides comfortable leisure with its extra cushion and lumbar support. An aging adult can enjoy some of their favorite pastimes like knitting, reading, watching TV, and talking on the telephone right from their lift chairs.

5. Providing Self Care the to the Caregiver

Caregiver’s can work long hours of constant devotion to those they care for. Lift chairs make the job for the caregiver easier. An electric lift chair helps a caregiver focus on other tasks because they don’t have to be by a patient’s side 24/7. The aging adults can adjusts the chair themselves, making them less reliant on a caregiver each time they want to nap or move.

An aging adult caregiver is also less likely to be injured when using an electric recliner lift chair, because they physically lift or raise their patient less.

Lift chairs are not only effective in preventing falls, but also in hindering the chance of injury, fostering greater independence, comfort, relaxation, and providing self-care for care givers.