Vive Health

Vive Health

Mobility devices are designed to help people with mobility impairments lead an independent life. Millions of people around the world use mobility devices to perform their daily routines and lead an active lifestyle. A mobility device can help improve quality of life by enabling the user to participate in activities they enjoy. 


Headquartered in Naples, Vive Health is a leading manufacturer of mobility devices. Over the years, Vive Health products have helped people with mobility impairments maintain and reclaim their independence. 


Vive Health manufactures its products in a state-of-the-art facility where every product undergoes rigorous and intensive testing. The manufacturer’s quality control process is designed to ensure compliance with the latest regulations. 


Mobility Masters offers a range of mobility solutions by Vive Health. Whether you need a four-wheel mobility scooter, a three-wheel, or a lift chair, the retailer will have the right product for you. Over the years, Mobility Masters has made a positive impact on the lives of many people with restricted mobility by way of Vive Health products. 


Like Mobility Masters, Vive Health is committed to creating value for its customers. Vive Health product developers design mobility devices with user convenience and safety in mind. When adding a feature to a mobility device, they visualize how it can help the user avoid convenience and safety issues.


Vive Health lift chairs and mobility scooters are made from durable materials. Lift chairs come with ergonomic padded seats for enhanced comfort. Many models feature five massage modes that target the upper back, calves, upper back, and lumbar region. 


Vive Health lift chairs allow users to gently lay back and elevate their legs and feet to rest and relax. They have a powerful motor designed to ensure noiseless performance. 


Every Vive Health mobility scooter comes loaded with a range of safety, convenience, and comfort features designed to improve ride quality. A front (removable) basket enhances storage. Vive Health mobility scooters are very user friendly and disassemble in simple steps. 


Mobility scooters by Vive Health come with height adjustable comfort swivel seating and contoured backrest for enhanced comfort. To learn more about Vive Health’s products, call us at (800) 936-7006.