Transport Wheelchairs Research

Mobility Masters is a renowned retailer of mobility aids by leading brands like Nova Joy. Our transport wheelchairs are designed to help people with reduced mobility move around safely and maximize user comfort. These lightweight yet sturdy wheelchairs can support up to 400 pounds.

Product Features

Our lightweight transport wheelchairs come with casters that can swivel in any direction, improving their maneuverability. The upholstery of every transport wheelchair is porous enough to allow proper air circulation. Wheelchair upholsteries are made from materials designed to wick moisture away from the body to keep users dry and cool.


Our compact wheelchairs fit in small spaces and are foldable, which makes them super easy to transport.


Some features of the transport wheelchairs that we carry include:

     Support for up to 400 pounds

     Select models come with padded, fixed full-length arms for added comfort

     Comfortable padded upholstery

     Some models have detachable/reversible desk arms for enhanced convenience

     Hand brakes maximize safety and control

     Quick release fold down back enhances user and caregiver convenience

     Locking wheels

     Select models come with removable and adjustable footrests

No matter your need, we can help match you with the best wheelchair for your stage of your life’s journey. We have years of experience when it comes to helping folks reclaim their mobility and independence upon their life’s journey. Call us at (800) 936-7006 to discuss your needs.