Research Heavy-duty Lift Chairs

Product Features

Our heavy-duty lift chairs are made from quality materials and can support up to 700 pounds. They come with either dual or triple motors to ensure comfortable, stable operation. Their upholsteries are made from quality fabrics that withstand the elements. These breathable fabrics allow air to pass through them easily, enhancing user comfort.


Below are several of the more prominent features of heavy-duty lift chairs


     Heavy-duty motors for enhanced strength

     Lumbar support helps promote good posture

     Non-skid leg levelers for enhanced stability

     Full chaise pad support enhances user comfort

     Leg extension designed to help users rest their legs

     High-density REFLEX foam for enhanced comfort

     Dual Motor Sync System keeps motors aligned

     Fiber-filled removable back

     Heavy-duty lift frame for enhanced performance

     Extra-wide, plush and deep seats  


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