PushPak Motors

PushPak Motors

Recreational electrical scooters have the potential to redefine the way we commute. A recreational scooter is an electric-powered mobility scooter. It is designed with recreational use in mind. With a recreational electrical scooter, you can reduce your carbon footprint and also save on fuel costs. 


Pushpak Motors is a leading manufacturer of recreational electrical scooters. Pushpak offers a range of 2-person and 3-person recreational electrical scooters. Whether you are bigger than the average user or have a slender frame, you will find the right Pushpak recreational scooter that fits your needs. 


Pushpak recreational electrical scooters are great for short trips around the town, to the winery, farmer’s market and to the beach. 


Like Mobility Masters, Pushpak Motors is committed to excellence. Every Pushpak recreational electrical scooter undergoes several grueling quality tests. Pushpak uses durable high-quality materials that are able to withstand wear and tear. With proper care and maintenance, your Pushpak recreational scooter can last 5-10 years. 


Pushpak recreational electrical scooters come loaded with a range of safety and convenience features. They offer multiple storage options and boast up to a 50-mile driving range. They can support up to 700 pounds. Some built-in recreational electrical scooter features include LCD display, turn signals, horn, rear storage, front storage casket, and tail lights. 


The frame of Pushpak recreational scooter is made from lightweight aluminum alloy. Select models come with a hard-top windshield wiper to wipe snow, water and debris off the windshield. Every Pushpak recreational electrical scooter has a high-performance motor for enhanced lifting capacity. 


If you’d like to explore the options available to you from Pushpak, let’s talk! Call our store at (800) 936-7006.