Power Wheelchair Accessories Research

Read on to learn about several different accessories that we offer to help customize your mobility aid and make it your own.

Mobility Canopy

A mobility canopy gets installed on the rear hitch of the power wheelchair and protects the user from the direct sun rays.

Cane Holder

A cane holder improves safety by freeing your hands for driving, while keeping your cane within close reach for when you need to get off your wheelchair.

Travel Case

A travel case is designed to help you carry your belongings safely and conveniently. The hard outer shell resists the elements.

Spare Charger

If you love the convenience of having an extra charger in your power wheelchair, then a spare charger is a must. Take it with you on the go or when you travel to always have peace of mind knowing that your chair will be ready to go at any time!

Side Bag

A side bag will help you carry personal items and provides convenient storage to make sure anything you need is at your fingetips. You can get it installed on either armrest.

Lap Belt

A lap belt will help position you in your wheelchair to reduce the risk of injury. Nothing says peace of mind quite like the satisfying “click” of a lap belt.

Rear Basket

A rear basket installed on the mounting bracket helps to maximize storage space.

Cup Holder

A cup holder will help you carry your favorite drink. Staying hydrated on the go was never easier.

Arm Support Pad

Adds cushioning to the armrest for enhanced comfort and support.

Smart Key

Allows you to turn on, turn off, or lock your power wheelchair remotely.