Lifts For Manual Wheelchairs Research

Product Features

Our wheelchair lifts are designed to make life easier for their users and avoid safety issues when transferring their manual wheelchairs inside their cars. They are easy to install, compact, and cost-effective. Your lift wheelchair will bring your wheelchair or power car to the driver’s or passenger’s side door so you can transfer it to your car with minimum effort.


     Select models are equipped with the revolutionary anti-rotate strap system

     Compact base for a better fit in the truck bed

     Some models come with docking devices

     Select models come with a remote control (optional) that can be used to control the device’s functions from inside the vehicle

     Some models have one motor, which means fewer buttons and simpler operation

     Adjustable hold-down arm

     Tilting joint maximizes roll-on ease

     Some models come with an adjustable base and boom that can be easily mounted to the right or left side of the vehicle

     Select models are equipped with an offset post that allows the mobility device to be safely unloaded on either side of the vehicle

     Fully powered lifting and rotation

No matter your need, our experienced team here at Mobility Masters can help you find the perfect lift to make moving your wheelchair a breeze. From all makes and models, we’ll be able to help you find the best lift for your needs. Contact us at (800) 936-7006.