Home Access Research

We have joined hands with some of the most trusted names in the industry. We leverage our partnerships to provide high-quality products at affordable prices to our customers.


Made from lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum, our ramps are portable and can be transported easily. Unlike many other popular materials such as wood or steel, aluminum does not rot or rust. It is easy to maintain and lasts for years. 

Do not let our ramps fool you with their compact design. Every ramp is designed to withstand the elements and lasts for years. You can choose from three styles: Ramp only, ramp with two-line handrails, and ramp with vertical picket handrails.

  • A permanent, extruded slip-resistant surface minimizes the chance of slip, falls, and trips
  • Easy setup
  • Every ramp comes with a self-adjusting ground transition plate, designed to ensure the mobility aid has an easy transition from ramp to ground
  • Lightweight, and disassembles quickly and easily
  • Safety DVD and steel security pins
  • Welded construction for superior durability

Stair Lifts

Our stair lifts can support up to 500 pounds. They feature a simple and compact design. Features such as a fold-up seat, armrests, and footrest save space for other stair users.

  • Safety sensors
  • Manual emergencies stop
  • Large footrest for better traction
  • Adjustable seat

Vertical Home Lifts 

Designed for everyday use, our vertical lifts are easy to install and operate. These mobility aids can support up to 750 lb.

  • Safety features: constant pressure switches, safety ramp, and non-slip platform
  • Select models come with an ADA-compliant toe guard
  • The electrical system is sealed against moisture

Living with reduced mobility can be a difficult situation. However, you don’t need to travel that path alone. Home aids can restore your sense of independence and keep you self-supportive for years. We love home access aids because of the freedom they restore to our customers. Inquire about how home access aids can improve your life today!