People with mobility impairment, older adults, and those trying to recover from an injury or surgery need quality rest. Ordinary beds cannot meet their unique needs and do more harm than good. A regular bed lets the body slide down, causing the person’s spine to curve. A person with mobility impairment may struggle to get in and out of a regular bed. As a result, they may fall off their bed and sustain life-altering injuries. 


Ordinary beds fail to provide adequate support to joints and muscles, causing joint and muscle stiffness and ache. Debilitating joint and muscle pain leads to insomnia and other problems. Living with pain can be stressful. Sleep deprivation and chronic pain can affect the quality of life. In addition, if you are trying to cope with an injury, insomnia can derail your recovery. 


Flexabed offers a range of top-notch adjustable beds specially designed to meet the unique needs of people with mobility impairment. Beds by Flexabed are fully customizable. Users can choose a configuration that best fits their needs. Beds by Flexabed come with an adjustable base that can be raised and lowered vertically at the touch of a button. 


Like Mobility Masters, Flexabed strives for continuous improvement. The manufacturer adds new features to their products at regular intervals to make users’ lives easier. Flexabed has assembled an A-team of designers that put themselves in users’ shoes to understand their expectations, needs, and concerns. 


Flexabed manufactures its beds in a state-of-the-art facility. Every bed undergoes a series of grueling quality tests before leaving the manufacturer’s facility and meets the highest quality standards. Adjustable beds by Flexabed utilize quality Advantech material that does not warp or break. 


Flexabed products come loaded with features. Users can choose between one-touch wireless and wired controls. Beds by Flexabed come with locking casters designed to prevent unwanted bed movement. They can be fitted with side rails for enhanced safety. Their motors are designed to ensure noiseless operation. Users with joint or muscle pain can have their bed’s motor tweaked to provide a relaxing massage. 


If you’re looking for a quality bed that allows you to customize it to fit your body’s needs, look no further. Mobility Masters carries some of the most notable name brands to keep you moving forward. To discuss you needs or inquire further about Flexabed, call our store at (800) 936-7006.