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EZ Access

Reduced mobility can drastically affect a person’s ability to go about their daily routine. They become dependent on their caregiver and their confidence can take a hit. Many people with mobility impairments avoid social interactions. Social isolation can damage mental health. 


Mobility aids are designed to help people with mobility impairments live active, fulfilling lives. They come loaded with an array of features that improve ride quality and safety. Mobility devices can help reduce dependency on caregivers, preventing caregiver stress. 


Mobility scooters and wheelchairs are among the most popular types of mobility devices. Indoor wheelchairs are designed for indoor use. They help users access different areas of their house in a safe manner. People with mobility impairments use mobility scooters to get around their house or neighborhoods. 


Wheelchair and mobility scooter users often struggle to access doorways, sliding glass doors, and raised landings in their homes. They can lose their balance and fall down while trying to navigate a raised structure. This is where ramps can be beneficial!


Wheelchair and mobility scooter ramps can help mobility scooter and wheelchair users get around their homes and enter and exit their cars easily and safely. They are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. 


EZ-Access is a leading supplier of accessibility solutions including wheelchair and mobility scooter ramps. Ramps by EZ-Access utilize quality materials and are known for their superior strength and durability. They are able to withstand the elements and stand up to wear and tear. EZ-Access has a rigorous quality control program to make sure that their products meet high quality standards. 


EZ-Access ramps are made from lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum, are low maintenance, and very easy to set up. Ramps by EZ-Access feature a slip-resistant surface and self-adjusting ground transition plate that allows the user to move their mobility device from ramp to ground in a smooth manner. 


EZ-Access ramps are suitable for indoor and outdoor use as these heavy-duty, rugged ramps can be used in almost any weather. They are available with or without ergonomic handrails. 


Curious to explore your options with home accessibility ramps by EZ-Access? Let’s talk. Mobility Masters has been helping outfit homes with the appropriate level of accessibility for years. If you’re concerned about the specific needs of your home, call us at (800) 936-7006.