The Top 8 Advantages of Electric Bikes over Cars

The Top 8 Advantages of Electric Bikes over Cars

Posted by Susan T. on Aug 19th 2020

1.You May Be Sitting Still a Little More During COVID; E- Bikes Are a Great Solution to Avoid Being Sedentary

In order to thrive, we all need active lifestyles. Then why would we recommend getting an electrical bike over a pedal bike? Studies show that electrical bikes are used more regularly and it’s easier to establish a routine. You’re taking the time to block out physical activity throughout your day. You can also moderate how intense you’d like your workout to be. On the days that you just don’t have the energy to ride to work, you can use the motor to get you there, while maintaining your healthy routine.

As we’re all at home a little more, you can promote your health everyday which will lead to better cardiovascular health, boosted blood circulation, and the release of endorphins that will help you have more joyful days. Also, exercising regularly releases the buildup of cortisol (the stress hormone) in your body!

So, if you have been trying to get off the couch a little bit more, an e-bike fits much better into your life than an infrequent jog or an elusive gym membership.

2. Electric bikes will make your commute faster!

When you first think of this, you might say, “That’s ridiculous”, but for those that live in urban areas traffic conditions hinder an easy car ride to work. We’ve all been stuck in rush hour pleading and hoping that the car in front of you will move so you’re not late to work. In a case like this, the benefits of electric cycles far outweigh cars or their non- motorized counter parts.

The electric bike has a top speed of 20 mph, so that means it would only take you 15 minutes to travel 5 miles! You also have the maneuverability to get around roadblocks or find paths only bikes can use. All around it’s a win to be on an electric bike!

3. Improve Your Body’s Balance

You’ve been perfecting your balancing skills since you we’re learning to walk, but riding an e-bike will help you improve your balance with no real effort. At times, we might overlook the importance of balance, but continuing to develop your balance will help you stay mobile even longer. For those that may consider themselves a little clumsy or are gracefully aging; balance is an important skill to fine tune. So, hop on your e-bike and keep yourself balanced and mobile.  

4. Save Money in the Long Run

As we continue to live in an ever-changing time, saving money is a priority for many people. When you use an e-bike, you’ll save more money in the long run. As gas and diesel prices fluctuate, you’ll be financially secure with your long term battery in your e-bike. Our bikes lasts 25-45 miles when fully charged and have a 5 year limited warranty.

5. There’s Plenty of Options to Choose From

Mobility Masters wants you to find an e-bike that’s perfect for you. We have plenty of different colors, styles, and brands to ensure you find the perfect bike.

6. Embrace Family Fun Month with a Vehicle Everyone Can Use

August is Family Fun Month and one way to get the entire family together is by finding a vehicle everyone can use. An electric bicycle falls in a unique category where it’s not made for a specific demographic. Men and women alike can ride freely with their families.

The e-bike can be used for doing errands around the town, or taking a leisurely ride with your kids through the neighborhood. It can be used by any member of the family, for any of these use cases. An electric bicycle is very valuable for each member of the family; and is an ideal purchase for families.

7. Help the Environment

Global warming is a pressing problem that at times can feel insurmountable. It is something we all have to conquer together. Each individual however, has the option to put the environment first and make sustainable choices. Once you use an e-bike as your main mode of transportation you remove a lot of pollution out of the air. That’s a very significant change.

Once you use an e-bike, the environmental benefits will follow. Your sphere of influence might even consider buying one too to join in the fun. Every time you choose to ride your e-bike you’re doing yourself and the world a favor.

8. They’re the Transportation of the Future

Around the world people are seeing the benefits of purchasing e-bikes. In Southeast Asia they’re leading the way by purchasing 37 million e-bikes a year. This is attributed to wanting to cut down on pollution and being an affordable alternative for the working class.

Forbes magazine recently wrote that e-bikes are the future of transportation. Deloitte predicted that the amount of purchases of e-bikes will surge from now until 2023. They anticipate that, 130 million E-bikes will be sold in the coming years.

Hop on an e-bike and hope to the future of transportation!