Atom Trike GT Scooter Review - Why You Need One Now

Atom Trike GT Scooter Review - Why You Need One Now

Hi everyone, this is Susan and here is my first product review on the Atom Trike GT Scooter.  I am a huge fan of the Atom Trike GT Scooter, this unique scooter is made here in America and we always love that. Being an ex-motorcycle rider I appreciate the uniqueness of this scooter and here are 3 reasons why:

1. Rides Like Motorcycle

Responsive powerful motor

The Atom Trike GT has a twist throttle and coast brakes, so it is very responsive.  I love the 250W motor it is very powerful and you do not feel like you are on a mobility scooter.  I appreciate the center of gravity which made it feel very stable, even going fast.

Powerful Motor: 250 Watt 
Top Speed: 7.45 MPH

2. Ultra Lightweight

Easy to transport -  Compact, Light & Strong

I love the compactness and light weight of this scooter, it has an airplane-grade aluminum and comes with carbon fiber components.  This makes it light and strong, I can easily pick it up with one hand!

Weight: 32 LBS

3. Long Range

Get where you need to go

This great scooter goes far and fast on a single charge, it can travel up to 30 miles on a charge.  The range is usually between 18 - 30 miles depending on rider weight and terrain. You can definitely have fun on this scooter all day long.

Range: 18 - 30 MILES
Sep 11th 2019 Susan T.

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