2-Position Lift Chairs Research

Standing up from a seated position puts severe strain on the knees, lower back, and hips, increasing the person’s risk of injury. Caregivers can also get injured while helping a person out of a chair as the movement is hard on the joints.

A 2-position lift chair can help the user safely transition from a sitting position to standing position and reduce strain on the joints during the process. Though medical devices, 2-position lift chairs look like ordinary recliners, which allows them to be easily integrated into almost any decor.

Mobility Masters is a leading supplier of 2-position lift chairs. Manufactured using premium materials, our 2-position lift chairs are long-lasting and durable. Every 2-position lift chair undergoes rigorous testing. 

Product Features

        Can support up to 600 pounds

        High-density REFLEX foam and chaise pad for enhanced durability

        Dual Motor Sync System

        Fiber-filled removable back 

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