The Top 6 Benefits of Home Care Beds

The Top 6 Benefits of Home Care Beds

Posted by Susan T. on Jan 23rd 2021

There is nothing more important than a good nights sleep. 

This is especially important if you are recovering from an injury, illness, or have a health condition.  When you are recovering and spend a significant amount of time in bed, the comfort of your bed becomes very important.  

Home Care Beds are built for comfort and allow people with mobility issues to get in and out of bed easily.  They help support you by making getting in and out of bed easier, increasing comfort and allowing you or your loved ones safety at home.

Here are the top benefits of owning a Home Care Bed:

  • Easier for Caregivers: to help you or your loved one. They can be moved up and down allowing for easier transitions out of bed.  You will also be able to move around and position yourself easier without getting into awkward positions to help you get situated in bed.
  • Sleep Comfortably: Getting a good night’s sleep is very important. Whether you have mobility or health issues getting comfortable and finding the right sleep position can be challenging. A hospital bed can allow you to easily adjust your position to get comfortable.
  • Stay In The Home You Love: Many people want to stay in the home they love for as long as possible. A hospital bed allows you stay in your home, even if you have health and mobility issues.
  • Safety: Hospital beds are designed to be safe. You can adjust the side rails of your bed to prevent falling out of bed. These rails also give you something to grab onto to adjust yourself and get comfortable.
  • Relief From Chronic Pain: If you suffer from chronic pain the adjustability of a Home Care Bed can be beneficial to sleep in with a slight incline your upper body positioned higher than your lower body with support under the knees. Your body is supported in this position relieving pressure from the lower back.  Adjustable beds can also help minimize joint compression and offer relief for people with osteoarthritis.
  • Independence: An adjustable Home Care Beds allows mobility-impaired individuals a certain level of independence. The beds may be controlled by a handheld device, the Hi-Lo bed can assist in easing getting out of bed by raising the bed vertically.

Compare Home Care Bed Options:

  • Semi-Electric Beds: Are a great option if you are budget consciences. They offer the adjustability of the head and foot with the remote and need to be adjusted manually for the height of the bed.
  • Full-Electric Beds: Come with the same great features of the Semi-Electric beds with the added bonus of being able to adjust the height of the bed with the remote.
  • Hi-Lo Beds: Also come with the same features of the Full-Electric bed with the added option to get extremely low to the ground.  This can be helpful for people in wheelchairs or where climbing out of bed might create a fall risk.
  • Premier Beds: They come with all the great features of the Full-Electric and Hi-Lo beds without the look of a hospital bed.  The Flex-A-Beds come from Value models, Hi-Lo models to the Premier Model and are Hand-Built by expert craftsman in LaFayette, Georgia.

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No matter which bed you choose, the benefits speak for themselves. If you need help deciding or have any questions please give us a call at 800-936-7006.  We look forward to helping you get a good nights sleep.