4 Benefits Of Electric Bikes

4 Benefits Of Electric Bikes

Posted by Susan T. on Jun 11th 2021

An electric bike (or e-bike) has an integrated electric motor that assists with propulsion. An electric bike handles like a regular bicycle and may also use some bicycle parts in its design.

The electric system of an e-bike is designed to help make tasks such as cycling uphill more manageable. An e-bike goes much faster than a traditional bicycle (some models can go up to 30 miles per hour or faster).

E-bikes are cost effective, non-polluting, and fairly easy to maintain. So, it is no wonder that their popularity is increasing exponentially with each passing year.

Still can’t decide if you should invest in an e-bike? We will give you not one but four reasons to bring one home from an electric bike store near you.

Assisted Biking

E-bikes come with a pedal assist mode that provides a certain level of power output as you pedal so you can zip up hills or cruise over rough terrain without wearing yourself out.

E-bikes have the potential to revolutionize long-distance commuting. You can cover long distances with assisted biking, which is a great way to build endurance and confidence.

E-bikes Help Save On Fuel Expenses

Most road vehicles use either gas or diesel as fuel. Both gas and diesel are fossil fuels and are finite resources. Natural gas and diesel prices are a function of market supply and demand and can skyrocket.

If your increasing fuel expenses are giving you sleepless nights, it makes sense to bring an electric bike near you home. An e-bike can help save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on gas in the long run. E-bikes use cost-effective batteries. With proper maintenance, an e-bike battery can last between two and four years.

E-bikes Are Environmentally Friendly

Climate change and global warming are two of the most serious issues facing humanity today. You can do your part to help save the environment by switching to a more sustainable lifestyle.

To reduce your carbon footprint, consider using an e-bike for commuting.

Disposing of batteries in landfills contributes to environmental pollution, E-bikes use long-lasting batteries.

Wide Variety of Designs

E-bikes are available in a wide variety of designs. No matter your age, fitness level, and body type, you will find an e-bike that best fits your needs.

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