BAM-StepThru Electric Bike

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BAM-StepThru Electric Bike

The BAM Step Thru electric bike is the perfect way for getting around town. Whether you're tired of taking your car on your morning commute, going shopping, or out on the town with friends; the Step Thru is great for any active lifestyle. Its design ensures that you wont have to elevate your leg to an uncomfortable height over the frame to use this bike. Simply step through the low curved frame and slide back onto your Velo Plush seat when your ready to ride! The BAM Step Thru is packed full of features that make this electric bike one of a kind.


  • Low-Step Frame
  • Front & Rear Fenders
  • Front & Rear LED Lights
  • Rear Rack
  • 25-45 Miles Per Charge
  • 750 Watt Powerful Motor
  • 48 Volt 14AH Lithium-Ion battery Samsung Cells
  • Interactive Digital Display
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

Key Specs

  • Drive Range (Miles): 25 to 45
  • Top Speed: 20.00 mph
  • Display Type: LCD Display
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs.
  • Weight: 62 lbs.

The BAM-StepThru is equipped with All-Purpose Kendra tires and an adjustable front suspension fork, giving you the freedom to handle most terrains. It is powered by a 750 Watt Direct Drive Hub Motor and five level pedal assist if you want extra help pedaling your bike. The pedal assist gives the seven speed gearing an extra boost, making uphill climbs easier than ever! If you start getting tired and need a break from pedaling, activate the twist throttle to transition to full electric riding. Finally, the Step Thru comes standard with front/rear fenders and LED lights to light up your ride and allow others to see you.


BAM EW-StepThru Specs

Return Policy On E-Wheels Products


FIVE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Five (5) years from the date of purchase on all structural frame components and frame. ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: One (1) Year from the date of purchase, if any part or component of the bike is found upon examination to be defective in material and/or workmanship, it will be replaced at BAM Power Bike’s discretion. Parts included are the battery, motor, throttle, controller, LCD display, wiring, derailleur, hardware, wheel hubs, rims, pedals, kickstand, handlebar components and any other parts mutually agreed to of failed due to a manufacturing defect or quality issue. WARRANTY EXCEPTIONS AND EXCLUSIONS: Service and Labor Costs - Unless previously authorized, service calls and labor costs are NOT included or covered under any warranty. The purchaser is responsible for the delivery to the authorized repair facility. Satisfactory proof of purchase is always required for warranty service. Please contact Ewheels directly for any assistance in locating a service provider or to make a warranty claim. Consumable Items - Consumable items which may need replacing due to normal wear and tear like tires, tubes, lights, chains, upholstery and seating, brakes and brake pads, cables, fuses, buttons, shrouds and covers.

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